A journey in Sardinia, old ladies make pasta.
This is a book about sardinia, Italy, mediterranean, food, pasta, reportage, leisure lifestyle, advertising, fine art
This is a choice of pictures from my 200 pages coffee table book "Sardegna, Le Paste della Tradizione" (Sardinia, the traditional Pastas).  The book is available on major book shops in Italy and on the net ( so far only in Italian), published by Mondadori.
I had this assignment from the local government in order to promote the culture and not only the beaches of this beautiful island, the culture of homemaking pasta goes back thousands of years in the island of Sardinia, and in Mediterranean area in general. I tried to picture the people who have this heritage, and the territory as well. I do think that watching their faces feels almost like tasting the delicious dishes I had the privilege to eat.......
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