one microsecond after the big bang_the CERN shots
few pictures extracted from my upcoming book "one millionth of a second after the big bang, Antonio Saba photographs the ALICE experiment at CERN"
This is an extract from my recently published book "ONE MILLIONTH OF A SECOND AFTER THE BIG BANG". the whole photoshoot has been taken at CERN's LHC, the world's  largest nuclear physics laboratories, where in the next months will start the Big Bang experiments.
The machines which have been built for this experiment are the subject of my pictures.
My goal is to capture some kind of artistic beauty in machines that are not, I am not a scientist, only a photographer, therefore my approach is totally naive. I don't know what they are made for and in case I know I don't want this to spoil my fresh eye....
The whole work (45 large shots) has been shot in large or medium format film.
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