the San Giuseppe Convent anniversary photoshoot.
the shooting for celebrating 20 years of business at Convento San Giuseppe. To be seen on Ads, Billboards, website, post cards and merchandising.
Founded in the 13th century by the Benedictine Monks, the San Giuseppe Convent has lived many lives. Through the centuries it has been inhabited by the Templar Knights, The Scolopian Fathers and many others being always home, farm, church. In the last 150 years the Convent has been home for a Sardinian Family, who in the last 20 years has made it an amazing location for an incentive, meetings and wedding business. 
I have been honored to being chosen for shooting this inspiring place for the 20 anniversary of this business activity. I thought that beside all the different humans that lived in the Convent in 800 years, there has always been the presence of the animals. 9 Sheeps, 3 Horses, 1 Goose, 100 Fireflies, 1 Owl, 2 Rabbits, 7 Hens, 15 Doves, 2 Cats and, representing the humans, 5 Brides welcome you to visit this Beautiful Location.  
Presences at the San Giuseppe Convent.
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